Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair Services

The average annual home insurance cost is about $1,445. Although this is a significant investment, the insurance doesn't cover all water damages, such as sewer backups. The backup occurs when there's a blockage in the sewer line. While you may think of DIY sewer repair, you should leave the restoration to the experts. However, you may not know that you need septic services since the sewer pipe is usually underground.

In most cases, you'll realize the need for repair when your sewer is already overflowing. Therefore, you need to catch the sewer pipe issues early. Here are indicators that you need sewer line repair service.

Foul Smells 

Sewage emanates a bad odor, but you don't usually smell the odor because the sewer line is typically intact and prevents the escape of the foul odor. Therefore, when you start smelling foul odors in your home, this sign can mean that your sewer line is leaking. The sewer line can crack due to above-ground pressure, and these cracks are leaking points. Therefore, the smell of a foul odor should prompt you to call sewer line repair experts to inspect the line and repair the damaged areas.

Blocked Toilets

The toilet makes a noise when flushing, but a bubbling sound inside your bowl means that your sewer line has a blockage. At times, you may even see bubbles forming, and they release a smelly gas. Since the water can't drain into the sewer, the sewage water backs up into your toilet. Additionally, be on the lookout for inconsistency in water levels inside your toilet bowl. If at one point, the bowl is full of water and then the water goes below the normal level, this is a sign of blockage. If this happens, get sewer line repair experts to unblock the toilet. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a toilet overflow.

Slow Drains

All your home's drains empty into your sewer line. Therefore, when you notice that your sinks are draining slowly, there may be clogging in the sewer pipe. Typically, you may try to plunge your drains or use drain cleaning agents to solve this problem. However, that may not work if the sewer line has a blockage. You'll need to contact sewer line repair experts to eliminate grease or other objects that may be blocking your sewer line.

Slow drains, blocked toilets, and foul smells are signs that you require sewer line repair services. When you see these indicators, call sewer line repair experts immediately to restore your sewer pipe.

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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