Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

Be In The Know: What To Expect During Septic Cleaning Services

Knowing what to expect from any professional addressing issues affecting your home can put you at ease. After suspecting that your septic tank could be overflowing from signs such as bad odors, toilet back-up, or unexplained puddles in your yard, you may need to book an appointment with septic cleaning services. But what should you expect from the septic service providers? This piece will take you through some steps the specialists will take to clean your septic tank.

1. Locating the Tank

After arriving at your home, the specialist will locate the septic tank by visual and physical inspection. At this point, you will also know where the tank lies if you are the original owner of the home. If you still have the map that comes with the home inspection documents during purchase, it can help save time by instantly locating the septic tank.

The specialist might decide to follow the sewer lines beneath your yard to find where they drain waste. After locating it, the expert may find it necessary to excavate the soil above the septic tank to get better access to the tank's lid.

2. Examining the Contents of the Tank

The septic cleaners will examine the tank's wastewater levels to determine whether they are too high, too low, or normal. When the wastewater levels are too high, this might indicate drain field issues. If the levels are too low, it shows signs of leaks or cracks. This pre-pumping inspection helps determine whether your septic tank needs a repair even before cleaning it.

3. Pumping the Tank

The specialist will then suction out the sewage in your tank using vacuum trucks connected to heavy-duty hoses and pumps. They will insert the hose into the tank via its opening and pump out all the sludge out.

After the tank is emptied, the truck will dispose of the sewage at the appropriate location while observing standard safety regulations. The specialists may use special scraping tools to scoop the remaining debris from the corners and walls of the tank.

4. Cleaning the Tank

The septic cleaners will proceed to use clean water to rinse the tank. They can recommend the hydro-jetting technique to give it a proper scrub. Cleaning may also help detect the less visible damages in the tank, such as cracks.

They should also inspect the condition of the filters and outlets. There's no better time to conduct repairs than after cleaning the tank.

Generally, these are the major steps you should expect during septic cleaning service. The professionals are skilled and experienced in tackling any problem that may arise during cleaning, and you can trust them to take care of the tank and extend its lifespan.

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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