Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

Three Major Factors You Should Consider Before A Septic Tank Installation Project

A septic tank acts as a domestic water treatment area where all the wastewater from your house gets treated before draining away. However, if the septic tank installation gets done poorly, it can often result in leakages or functional issues that can be hazardous to your environment and your property.

Thus, when installing a septic tank, it is essential to consider a few factors that ensure it will function properly and prevent future issues. With that said, here are the three critical factors you need to consider before installing the septic tank.


Before you can install a septic tank on your property, you need to seek authorization to do so from the state department of health and environment. Thus, if you plan to install a septic tank, you need to apply for a permit.

The reason you need a permit is that a septic system disposes of wastewater in the subsurface soil. Hence, there is a chance that the wastewater could end up in nearby streams and wells, resulting in hazardous effects for the people who utilize the stream and well water.

As a result, the government has to regulate the installation of septic tanks by providing permits to homeowners who want to install septic tanks on their properties.

Tank Size

The size of the septic tank you can install depends on the amount of wastewater your house produces daily. Therefore, the septic tank size is primarily determined by the number of people in the household.

However, there are additional factors that contribute to deciding the appropriate size of the septic tank. The other factors include:

  • The specific type of septic system you want
  • Local government regulations/code
  • Suitability of the geology of your property

In most cases, you will be directed by your local government regulations on the appropriate size of the septic tank because the laws factor in all the above factors. However, you can also use a septic tank installation contractor to help you calculate the size of the septic tank to buy because the contractor is also well-versed in the regulations governing the installation of septic tanks in your area.


The landscaping on your property also plays a significant role in determining where to install the septic tank. For one, you should not install a septic tank close to a water well because you risk contaminating the well-water.

Additionally, you should not install a septic tank in an area of your property where there are trees. Remember, tree roots can extend and cause damage to the septic tank below ground. Thus, you could end up having to repair the septic tank, or if the damage is too severe, you may have to re-install a new septic tank.

Thus, before installing a septic tank on your property, you need to select an ideal location away from your house, trees, or wells. 

For more information, contact a septic tank installation service.

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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