Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

4 Key Things To Expect During A Septic Tank Pumping Service

As a homeowner, you need to know how to care for various systems in your home to prolong its life and maintain its value. Unfortunately, septic tanks are commonly forgotten since they lie silently underneath the ground until they choke on the waste and begin to depict signs such as leaks, bad odors, and backups. Experts recommend routine septic tank pumping to avoid various safety and health hazards. However, the thought of scheduling pumping services may make you nervous. This article will shed some light on what to expect during the septic pumping service.

1. Locating the Septic Tank

After reaching out to the professionals for pumping services, they should begin with locating the precise location of the tank. If you have a preowned home, you can refer to your septic location map handed over during the purchasing process to help the specialist locate the tank quickly.

2. Pumping Out the Contents of the Tank

Your septic tank acts as a reservoir for all the waste sent down the drains in your home. The solid waste products sit at the bottom while the liquid wastewater and scum float near the top. The specialist will open the tank and drive a hose into the hole to access the waste.

The hose is connected to a vacuum truck and helps pump out all the liquid, sludge, solids, and scum in the tank. If the solid waste at the bottom of the tank becomes too heavy for the hose to pump out, it will be left for manual removal. After pumping out all dislodged solid waste, a specialist will drive a long hand-held tool to remove any solid waste stuck at the bottom.

3. Cleaning the Tank

Septic pumping services include clean-up services. During the cleaning phase, the hired technician will use water to clean the interior parts of the tank. Then the expert will pump the scraped-off solids out of the tank together with the water used to clean the tank.

The technician may proceed to inspect the structural integrity of the tank. This is the best time to know if your tank has developed holes or cracks that need to be fixed. Should they find any structural damages, you may want to call for repair services immediately to prolong the tank's lifespan.

4. Closing the Tank

After cleaning and inspecting the tank, the technician will close it using the lid. The dug-up soil is then reburied to conceal the septic tank and preserve it until the next pumping period.

Routine septic pumping services help prevent drain problems, detect potential septic system problems, and extend the useful life of your septic tank. Now that you know what to expect when you call the professionals, reach out to them to enjoy septic pumping services.

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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