Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips For Event Companies

If you're an event company and throw a lot of outdoor events, you'll probably come to rely on portable toilets a lot. If so, then make sure you get down the following maintenance practices so that these rental toilet solutions don't ever create difficult problems.

Review the Rental Duration First

How long you end up renting portable toilets for different events will affect the type of maintenance you perform. For instance, if these are short-term rentals, then you may not have to perform as many inspections and cleaning tasks. However, if you're renting them for a couple of months, you'll have to pay more attention to maintenance. 

Think carefully about the rental duration for events that will be relying on them, and then you can fine-tune your maintenance services accordingly. If you are renting for longer durations, then it may be necessary to opt into some type of professional maintenance schedule.

Continue Restocking Supplies Inside

Portable toilets today come equipped with a lot of important supplies on the inside. You have things like toilet paper, hand paper towels, and disinfectant products for those that want to keep their hands sterile after using these bathroom resources around your event site.

What you need to do is continue to restock the supplies on the inside. Then each guest will have plenty to use and that's going to give them a better event experience ultimately. You can either restock these supplies yourself or hire a professional company to take care of this task. 

Use Scented Products

One of the most important aspects of supplying portable toilet rentals to an event space is keeping these resources smelling great. That's just going to give those in attendance better bathroom experiences. You can control this aspect better by using scented products in and around your portable toilet rentals.

The company you rent from may already provide them or may offer them as an add-on feature. You'll probably have different scents to choose from as well. Just focus on a cost-effective option that can effectively neutralize odors created in these portable toilets.

If you hold events all the time outdoors, portable toilet rentals will be some of the most important resources you'll come to rely on. As such, make sure you know how to care for them each time they're dropped off by a rental supplier. That will safeguard you from added costs and negative visitor experiences. 

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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