Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

Selling Your House Soon? Inspect The Septic System Before Listing

If you live in a rural area and plan on putting your house on the market soon, you should have a video pipe inspection done of the septic pipes and tank. An inspection and report of the entire septic system is usually a requirement prior to selling a house. Here's why you want to have it done before putting your house up for sale and how to get the best inspection done. 

Importance of a Septic Inspection Before Listing Your House

It's important to get the inspection of the septic tank and pipes done before you list the house for sale. That way, you'll have time to address any repairs that will be necessary before a buyer closes on the house. Additionally, if the septic system needs a complete overhaul or an entire rebuild, you don't want to be locked in at a particular price and be placed at a disadvantage during closing. Another reason is because, interested buyers who may drive by the property may dismiss the idea of buying your home under the premise that there must be something wrong with the house and/or property if they see heavy equipment and excavators on the property.  

Video Pipe Inspection After the Septic Is Pumped

In order for the septic tank and pipes to get a thorough examination and inspection, you'll first need to have the entire system pumped out. It's important to do this so the walls and sides of the tank and pipes can be easily seen by a video pipe inspection camera. Essentially, pumping out the entire septic system will help uncover damage or faults, if any, that would need to be repaired before the house can be sold. Most areas require inspections through the local wastewater management authority office. 

After the tank and all the pipes are pumped out, a technician can insert a video camera into the system and view the images in real time. Of course, if repairs do need to be made, you should also have a second video pipe inspection done after the repairs are completed. Since you are planning on selling the house, ask the technician to provide you with a recording of the video inspections so you can have them on hand for potential buyers who want to see the condition of the septic pipes and tank, particularly after any of the repairs are completed on the septic system. 

For more information on video pipe inspection, contact a septic tank technician.   

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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