Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

5 Considerations For Successful Septic Tank System Installation

Septic tank systems offer a viable option to safely dispose of waste in areas not served by a public sewerage system. Installing a septic tank system requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning, as mistakes can be costly and complicated if it's not done correctly. To ensure that your septic tank system installation goes smoothly, keep these five considerations in mind to complete the project successfully:

1. Where Do You Want To Locate It?

Before starting your septic tank installation, consider where you want to locate it. For example, placement could be an issue if there are community water and sewer systems nearby. But if you live far from town in a rural country, you may have to do more research before deciding where to put your tank. Septic services can guide your decision and determine how accessible your proposed location is.

2. Will It Be Aboveground or Underground?

An underground tank might be desirable if you don't have enough space on your property to install an aboveground one, but know that they can be vulnerable to storm flooding and are tricky to repair. Aboveground tanks offer easier maintenance and repairs but can take up valuable space on your property. 

3. What Tank Size Do You Need?

Choosing an incorrect tank size is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make in septic tank system installation. This can end up costing homeowners more money in replacement costs later on.

It's important to learn what sizes are appropriate and how to determine if you need a bigger tank. You must consider your family's size and usage of the plumbing system. 

4. What Is the Soil Type?

Knowing what kind of soil you have will help determine the kind of tank you need. For example, a plastic tank would work best for clay soils because they have superb resistance to corrosion and rust.  

On top of that, it's also important to know whether your property is in an area where there's a high water table (such as areas near rivers or streams). If so, you'll need to choose a system that can handle flooding.

5. What Do Zoning Regulations Say?

It's important to note that some states regulate septic systems and where they can be placed. Some states have complex rules around where septic tanks can be installed, while others require testing, licensing, or permitting. Ensure you do your research before beginning any installation to ensure it is done legally and safely.

A properly installed septic tank system is a valuable home improvement project because of its role in waste management. Contact a local company for more information, like J&L Septic Tank Services LLC.

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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