Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

What To Expect With Septic Tank Cleaning?

You should clean your septic tank every few years to avoid septic system issues such as odd smells, slow drains, and gurgling toilets. Septic tank cleaning also ensures your drainage systems are working efficiently. If you have scheduled a septic cleaning, here is what to expect.

Opening the Septic Tank Lid

One of the first steps in the septic tank cleaning procedure is opening the septic tank lid. If your tank was installed decades ago, it has two compartments. Both lids have to be exposed. Some pumpers require you to remove the lids before they arrive. However, since opening the lid can be tedious, many pumpers prefer doing it themselves.

Sometimes the lid has to be pried open. The lid may break when being opened because of corrosion. This is why many septic pumping professionals carry extra lids to replace the damaged ones.

Checking the Effluent Levels

The septic tank cleaner will inspect the liquid in your tank to determine whether the levels are too high or normal. High levels mean the wastewater from your house isn't flowing into the drain field like it is supposed to. 

High liquid levels can result from cracks and leaks, a faulty tank, a malfunctioning pump, or drain field issues. This inspection of liquid levels in your tank is crucial since the technician will determine whether your system is working properly and recommend appropriate replacements or repairs.

Pumping the Tank

After inspecting the liquid levels in your septic tank, the professional will begin the pumping process. First, they will clear out sludge. These consist of inorganic solids produced by bacteria in the tank. Sludge accumulates at the bottom of your tank. Clearing out sludge leaves space in your tank for accommodating more waste material.

The next step in the pumping process is clearing the drain field lines. These lines allow sludge and other materials to flow properly. Next, the pumper will clean the tank's filters. Coffee grinds, lint, and other impermeable materials are collected by filters in your tank. If the filters are worn out, they will be replaced. 

After these phases, the technician will clean the tank with freshwater. This will help them further inspect the tank for signs of damage. For example, this enables them to check the baffles, outlets, and filters. It also helps them determine whether there are cracks in the septic tank.

In Closing

Failing to schedule septic tank cleaning when it is due can lead to costly repairs. In serious cases, you may have to replace the entire septic system. Consult your septic tank technician for advice on signs that your septic tank needs cleaning and how to maintain your septic system.

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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