Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

2 Benefits Of Installing A Wastewater Aeration System In Your New Home's Septic Tank

While building a new house in a rural area, you may have discovered that you will need to have a septic system installed. However, since the plot of land is small, it may be difficult to find a tank that will fit the size of the plot and still meet your family's needs.

If so, you may want to speak to a septic service professional about having a wastewater aeration system installed inside the tank. There are a couple of reasons why this type of system is beneficial to your septic system.

1. Activates Aerobic Bacteria in the Tank That Breaks Down Organic Waste Faster

One benefit of installing an aeration system inside your home's new septic tank to help manage the waste material is that it introduces oxygen into the enclosed space. This oxygen helps activate the aerobic bacteria that are essential for decomposing the waste material.

While the bacteria still breaks down waste without aeration, the process will be slow. However, with a constant supply of oxygen introduced into the wastewater, it will invigorate the bacteria so that they break down the organic material faster. A professional can help you choose a system that will help create the ideal oxygen levels for the septic tank.

2. Makes It Possible to Install a Septic System on Smaller Plots of Land

Another reason why an aeration system is beneficial when installed along with the new septic system is that it allows you to have a smaller tank. This benefit is especially important if you only have limited space on a small plot of land.

Because of the speed at which the oxygen-activated bacteria breaks down the waste, you can get by with a smaller tank that will not have to be pumped so frequently. Even if you have a large family, the waste material can be processed quickly so that you do not have to worry about how you will fit a large tank on your property.

If you live on a smaller plot of land and need a septic system, installing a wastewater aeration system inside the tank can make that possible. As air is introduced, it activates the beneficial aerobic bacteria that will break down the waste faster so that you can get by with a smaller tank. If you would like to learn more about the benefits and installation process, contact a septic service that installs wastewater aeration systems, such as Titus Industrial Group Inc, to speak with a representative.  

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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