Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

Septic Tank Pumping — How Property Owners Should Manage It

Every couple of years or so, it's recommended to have a septic tank pumped so it won't be prone to overflowing. This pumping process isn't hard to plan for or manage if you follow these protocols.

Mark the Location of the Septic Tank's Cover

If you want to expedite septic tank pumping with a professional company, then one of the best things you can do is mark off the septic tank's cover. This is what the company will need to access to remove the contents inside.

By marking it off before they show up with a septic tank pump truck, you can avoid delays. The company will know exactly where to position its pumping equipment as soon as they arrive. You don't need a lot of expensive materials to mark the cover either. A simple landscaping flag can suffice. 

Have Residual Waste Washed And Then Pumped

After your septic tank is initially pumped, there might be some residual waste left behind. This is perfectly normal, but you can respond by having the pumping company go in and wash the interior.

For instance, they can use a pressure washer machine to remove built-up waste on the inside of your tank. They can then pump out the remaining materials, leaving behind a perfectly clean tank. Then you'll be able to use the said system for a longer period of time before needing to have it pumped again by a professional company. 

Check For Deterioration 

When you have a septic tank pumped by a company, it's a good idea to inspect the tank as a whole for any structural problems. Then if you find areas that have issues, you can repair them before you're left dealing with stressful complications. 

If you hire a septic tank pumping company, they can check for physical deterioration in and around the tank. This is one of the more important problems to keep an eye out for, especially if your septic tank is pretty old. If no serious signs of deterioration are present, the company can proceed to pump the waste out and take it away from your property at the end.

Regardless of what type of septic tank is on your property, you'll need to have it pumped before it gets too full. This pumping process isn't hard to manage, either. You just need to focus on key services that a professional company will perform. Then you can be happy with how this maintenance task is executed. 

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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