Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

3 Things To Know About Plumbing Vents

Indoor plumbing is a modern convenience no homeowner wants to live without. Despite the importance of this major household system, many homeowners are unaware of all the components that make up a plumbing system.

Vents are often overlooked when it comes to maintaining indoor plumbing. 

Here are three things that you need to know about plumbing vents to help you better care for your plumbing system in the future.

1. What Is the Purpose of a Plumbing Vent?

Plumbing vents are essential to the proper function of any plumbing system. It is the job of the vents to regulate airflow within your pipes.

As water flows through your plumbing system, a vacuum is created within the pipes. The air that enters into your pipes through plumbing vents helps to offset this vacuum and ensure that water can freely move through the system.

Plumbing vents are also responsible for directing any sewer gases that find their way into your pipes safely out of your home.

2. How do Plumbing Vents Become Clogged?

A clogged plumbing vent can create a major problem inside your home.

Most plumbing vents extend out through a home's roof. This leaves the vents exposed to dirt, debris, and small animals that could take up residence within the vent pipe. If any of these materials accumulate inside the vent pipe and restrict the flow of air, the plumbing fixtures in your home will not function properly.

Some common signs of a clogged plumbing vent include a toilet that won't refill after flushing and drains that are slow to empty. If you suspect that your vent is clogged, you should reach out to an experienced plumber for help.

3. How Do Plumbers Restore Plumbing Vents? 

Only an experienced plumber has the knowledge and tools needed to safely restore the function of a plumbing vent.

Your plumber will need to climb onto the roof to access the vent. He or she will then use a specialized plumbing snake to dislodge trapped debris. This process must be repeated several times until all of the debris has been cleared from the vent.

Without the right tools or knowledge of how plumbing vents are structured, attempts to clear a clog could cause permanent damage to the vent pipe itself.

Make sure that you are taking your plumbing vents into account when maintaining your home's plumbing system. A reliable plumber can help you learn more about caring for your vents in the future.

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Septic System Maintenance: An Introduction

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